Packing Tips

Your possessions represent both an emotional and a monetary investment which deserve the best care available. Proper packing is critical to a successful move. Canadian Moving Systems is happy to offer you help with your full or partial packing needs.

If you decide to do packing on your own, here are some tips that CMS would like offer you to properly pack your cartons for your moving and storage needs.

Packing Tips for Self Pack:

  • Pack as much as you can in one room before going to the next room
  • Start by packing items that you would not require for a day to day basis until the moving day
  • Pack the seldom used items next
  • Leave the items that are “must have” to as close as possible to the moving day
  • Do not pack valuables or important documents such as your passport, jewellery, precious stones, coin & stamp collections or money, carry them with you (Canadian Moving Systems will not take responsibility for such items during transportation).
  • Any hardware or items that have smaller screws should be placed in a zip up bag with a label. This will allow a way access the hardware when the shipment arrives at destination. Place them in a box and mark that box.
  • Do not under pack or over pack a box. Make sure that the box is sealed and closed. Ensure that the box is full with contents or fill it up with packing paper or newspaper to avoid damages during transportation. Boxes that are not full may be at risk to more damage during transportation.
  • Do not pack dangerous or flammable items such as lighter fluid, paint, oily rags, matches, charcoal, pool chemicals, bleach, oven cleaner or ammunition as they can explode and cause damage to your shipment.
  • Do not pack liquids such as alcohol.
  • Movers are not licensed to carry dangerous goods on the moving van.

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