• I was accepted to Carlton University this year and had to find a way to get all my stuff there from BC. As a student I had a very small budget for the move, and limited what I was bringing with me to make sure I could afford the move, but also wanted to make sure that I got all my stuff back the same way it left me. I didn’t really know where to start so I got one of those quote things online, a few days after the emails started coming in I got a call from Canadian Moving Systems to see if they could offer me any further assistance, I thought this was really great because the girl I spoke to answered my 3 main questions quickly and with comfort. I like to deal with people who know what they are doing, so they went in the top 3 picks for companies. After further dealings on the phone and by email I decided that Canadian Moving Systems was the right choice for me. Though they weren’t the cheapest they were the easiest to deal with. I called over and over as the day for the move quickly approached and even if I couldn’t talk to my sales girl I was helped immediately by whomever answered the phone, no being put on hold, no messages to be returned, FABULOUS. I really feel like I couldn’t have made a better choice, all the reviews are shining for a reason, this company is one of the few who practices what they preach!

    Catherine Hammond

    Whistler, BC – Ottawa, ON
  • This is the second time I have hired Canadian Moving Systems, the first being a small move within Toronto and this move was from Toronto to Montreal. As a chef I relocate fairly often and have had every kind of experience you can imagine, this is the first time that I can say that I have a company that actually offers a high quality service for a good price without cutting corners. My time lines are strict and I am very particular with planning the finest details, so when I found out I was moving yet again, I called CMS to see what kind of price they could offer for this long distance move. I was really happy with the quote and thought I would give them a chance at this move too. Similar to the first move, everything was laid out in writing, the staff in the office and the actual movers were pleasant, prompt and easy to deal with. I don’t have a single complaint about Canadian Moving Systems and hopefully have found my company to shuffle me from place to place when the time calls for it. I have already recommended them to many of my co-workers and will continue to do so.

    Nick Grey

    Toronto, ON – Montreal, QC
  • Canadian Moving Systems was one of over 20 companies who quoted me for the move of my business. Though we are not a large company the equipment that needed to be transported was of high value and imperative to our operations, as small business owner I was not able to afford to have one of the big van lines assist us, but wanted to ensure that the company I hired was able to fulfil the guidelines for care and timing. My sales representative was honest and clear about my responsibilities and the companies responsibilities with the shipping, I appreciated this as all I wanted was the truth about what could and couldn’t be done so I could ensure the smallest downtime possible. I was very pleased with the service and would be most happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for assistance with transportation.

    Prakash Patel

    Brampton, ON – Regina, SK
  • After a long and exhausting search in a service that has companies that range from absolutely amazing (another way to say extremely overpriced) to scary and shady (another way to say if it looks too good to be true it most likely is), we were lucky enough to stumble across Canadian Moving Systems. Although still a little hesitant of whether or not we made the right choice, our sales rep and all the staff continuously put our minds at ease with their incredible customer service skills, their honesty and their genuine concern for our overall satisfaction. Less than $100 worth of misc. damages and the cost of the move was within our budget. This was a really good move and am sure that if they keep up with the service they offered us they will continue to get happy clients and good reviews like ours.

    Darryl Wiseman

    Moncton, NB to Edmonton, AB
  • From start to finish a good choice, I was lucky enough to have been referred by 2 friends to Canadian Moving Systems so I didn’t have to go through the hassle of looking at all kinds of different companies. The staff in the office walked me through the move step by step, answered my hundreds of questions, and even followed up with me after the delivery had taken place. Overall the best part of my experience was how close the cost was to estimate, when you are moving on a shoe string budget the bottom dollar amount is the biggest worry, the reps went through my items list with me over and over because I was so concerned, and sure enough it was with 10% of the quote!

    Tania Norton

    Ottawa, ON-Shediac, NB
  • I was transferred through work and was left with the task of finding a moving company to assist me. After a lengthy search looking for a reputable company that serviced my areas I discovered Canadian Moving Systems. The office staff was extremely helpful with my many questions and took the time to offer me solutions to my specific needs and time line. The movers themselves were a pleasure to deal with as well, from start to finish it was a very positive experience for me and I will most definitely be using them again for my next transfer.

    Cecilia Liu

    Lloydminster, AB – 100 Mile House, BC
  • We recently relocated to BC with Canadian Moving Systems who performed a long distance move for us including packing and storage of our belongings. The storage was for some time as our builders took 8 months longer than anticipated to finish our new home. We were finally able to move in first week of December and be reunited with our goods. I have to say that it was the best investment that we made when we had packing services done by the company. All the boxes were brought in brand new, and the movers packed all day. I was impressed at the attention that they gave to small details such as wrapping and preparing inventory.

    James Walker

    Lancaster, ON – Richmond, BC
  • We booked a moving company for our move and the movers that we booked had cancelled on us at the last minute. We previously received a quote from Canadian Moving Systems who were able to accommodate the move on a very last minute notice. The crew was great to deal with and took extra care in wrapping and protecting our precious antiques. We received our delivery the following day in Ottawa, and were able to finish unpacking before the New Year. All in all I learned that booking the cheapest movers is the worst decision I made, but Canadian Moving Systems were able to turn this horrible experience around for me. Many thanks to your great team.

    Judith Sanderson

    London, ON – Ottawa, ON
  • My company relocated a few employees from Halifax, NS to Toronto, ON and I was responsible in arranging those moves. I worked closely with the sales agent who helped with the organization of the moves, packing and delivery. We were very pleased with the moving services and personal approach of the company. The prices very fair and we will be utilizing their services for any future moves. We thank CMS for their services.

    Samih Azad

    Halifax, NS – Toronto, ON
  • Loved the approach of the customer service rep. I booked my move with them simply because they were so responsive and everyone was great to deal on the phone with. I was able to get my questions answered as soon as I called and they didn’t put me on hold for long period of time. Being a customer service representative myself I expect a certain level of service, and I was happy with their service. When the crew arrived, they put runners down, they covered all the banisters and they even ensured that all the garbage from the left over tape was removed before they left. The driver was a very nice man who directed the rest of the crew in a very professional manner. We had a good time during the load and even had a few laughs with the crew. The delivery arrived on time (7 days later) and we were able to avoid renting a hotel which was amazing. Seriously I would not hesitate using them again.

    Brent Jones

    Chilliwack, BC – Okotoks, AB